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From: Greg Reese
Subject: EMT Tryst - Chapter 14This is a work of fiction, all of the usual legal jargon applies. The
characters in this story live in a disease free world, the use of condoms
is not portrayed. The real world is very different, practice safe sex,
wear a condom."But Cappy!" I shouted, standing in Cappy's office. "Don't but me boy! I
said no and I mean no, you're a liability right now and I can't afford
that!" Cappy shouted back. "You're being unfair! I'm not asking to go out
on any calls, just put me to work, light duty, I can do other stuff around
here besides be a paramedic." I argued back. "NO! And I don't want to
hear another word about it!" Cappy shouted back. "You're on worker's comp
right now, getting 45 days continuation pay, go home, rest and recover. I
don't want to see you back!" Cappy continued, his finger pointed at me, his
face flushed with anger. The entire fire station heard the two of us going
at it and remained hidden, including Tim. It was Friday, the start of my
normal shift and I was reporting to work, only the Captain was having
nothing to do with it and was wanting to send me home. "Fuck Cappy!" I
started to say, "Boy! I am you're Captain and if nothing else, you WILL
respect that." Cappy shouted back at me, I knew I was crossing that line
with him. "You're a fucking hard head, you know Hussyfan Lolitas that Cappy? Huh? Do you?
Anyone ever fucking tell you that?" I shouted back. Cappy slammed his fist
down on his desk, hung his head a few minutes to collect his thoughts and
then, very calmly, very pointedly said to me, "I am not having this
conversation with you anymore. You have five minutes to unass the area or
I will, and I emphasize will, write your ass up and suspend you so you
don't get jack shit! Do I MAKE myself clear?" Cappy glared at me, his
nostrils flaring with his anger, his chest heaving. I knew that if I said
another word, I'd be done for and so I threw my hands up in the air, sighed
and turned around and left his office."Craig, wait up." Tim called to me as I stormed out of the fire station and
headed to my car. "What Tim?" I snapped back. "Are you fucking crazy man?
Do you have any idea how fucking pissed off Cappy Hussyfan Lolitas is with you right now?"
Tim lectured me. "Tim, I don't give a flying fuck about Cappy and his
feelings right now. That man is a stubborn jack ass, there is a lot I can
do around here, HE just doesn't want me around!" I shouted, just like a
five year old who'd just been told he couldn't ride his bike for a week.
"Craig..." Tim started to say, grabbing for my good arm. I yanked away,
told him to just leave me the fuck alone, got into my car and sped out of
the parking lot, narrowly missing the trash cans that were placed at the
curb for tomorrow mornings trash pickup.The flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror soon caught my attention.
Looking Hussyfan Lolitas at my speedometer, I realized I'd been clipping along at a brisk 60
miles per hour, in a 45 mile per hour zone. I slammed the palm of my good
hand down on the steering wheel as I looked for a place to pull over. Once
stopped, I dug around my glove compartment for my registration and
insurance, retrieved my Hussyfan Lolitas driver's license from my wallet and had my window
rolled down and ready when the police officer Hussyfan Lolitas stepped up to the driver's
side of the car. Leaning down he looked at me and said, "Son, do you know
how fast you were driving?" "Yes officer, I do." I replied back, looking
forward instead of making eye contact with the police officer. "Wanna tell
me why you were going 60 when the speed limit is clearly Hussyfan Lolitas marked as 45?" The
officer growled at me. "No excuse Hussyfan Lolitas officer." I replied, dead pan. "Son,
you mind stepping out of your car?" he asked. I sighed and waited for him
to step back before I opened the car door. Climbing out and standing up I
made my first assessment of the police officer that had pulled me over. It
was hard to really check him out, it was dark out and he was wearing a
black police suit with a bright orange safety vest. "You been drinking?"
he asked me as he looked over my license. "No sir." I replied back.
"Son, would you mind stepping to the back of Hussyfan Lolitas your vehicle and placing your
good hand on the trunk of your car, I'll need you to spread your legs too."
the officer politely asked. I obeyed and waited while the officer phoned
in my plates and registration. Coming back a few minutes later he laid his
clip board on the trunk of my car and proceeded to pat me down. "You
realize you were more five miles an hour short of criminal speeding?" The
officer asked me while his hands roamed over my back and then up the front
of my shirt. "No sir." I responded, my dick starting to tingle and stretch
as the officer paid what seemed like extra attention to patting down my
ass.By the time the officer finished patting down my ass and the back of my
legs, I was rock hard and suddenly terrified as I realized he was now going
up the front side of me, starting with my ankles. His hands moved up my
legs, brushed against my hard cock and then returned momentarily, squeezing
my hard crotch, making sure it was a hard cock he felt and not a weapon.
"I take it you liked the frisking." He said, slapping me on the ass. I
felt my face blush as he instructed me to stand Hussyfan Lolitas up and turn around. He
positoned himself so that he was standing off center of me, I could feel
his crotch against my thigh, could feel his own semi hard cock through the
polyester johdpurs he was wearing. "Open your mouth son." He commanded as
he flipped on a pen light and began looking inside my mouth. "Got any
weapons?" He asked, telling me I could now close my mouth. "No sir." I
responded. "Is the Hussyfan Lolitas address on your license and registration correct?" the
officer said as he handed everything back to me. "Yes sir." I responded."Tell you what, because you are on our side, I'm gonna let you off with a
warning. Slow it down and be safe." He smiled at me as he handed me the
paper warning, slapping my ass as I turned to head back to my car. I got
in, started the car back up and slowly pulled back onto the street to
finish my journey home. I pulled in my driveway and parked the car in the
garage, closed the door and headed into the house. The front of my
underwear were now soaked with my pre-cum and I hadn't realized how much
the cop frisking me had turned me on. Putting my keys in the kitchen I
grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed into the living to watch some TV.
The image and feeling of the cop wouldn't escape my mind so I decided to
see if I had any cop porn in my stash I could throw in. Hussyfan Lolitas
Give myself a
quick yank, finish my beer and then head for bed, that was my plan anyway.
I'd no sooner sat back down when there was a knock on my front door. I
flipped off the movie and headed to answer the door, opening it I saw the
police officer who'd just pulled me over standing at the door way. "You
forgot this." He said, flashing me my driver's license. I opened the
screen door, took the license from the officer and thanked him. "Mind if I
come in? I'm off duty, another reason why I didn't give you a ticket. Too
close to quitting time." he said. "Yeah, I suppose." I said, stepping
aside to let him pass. The officer walked into the center of the living
room, removed his hat, turned and said, "I'm officer Kyle Corkins." and he
extended his hand to shake. "Pleased to meet you Officer Corkins, Craig,
Craig McFadden." I replied, taking his hand and giving him a firm hand
shake. "Ummm, nice big paw he has." I thought to myself. "So, sit down,
can I offer you a beer, soda, water?" I asked. "Water would be good." he
replied as he sat down on the couch while I went into the kitchen to get
him a glass of water. I stopped dead in my tracks as I re-entered the
living room with his water.It would seem that I had neglected to hide the cover box for the porno I
was just about to watch. Kyle had picked it up and was now closely
studying the front cover, which showed a police officer, shirt unbuttoned
revealing a muscular hairy chest, and his hard cock was poking out of the
fly of his uniform trousers. "Hole Patrol?" he asked, looking up at me.
"Sounds cheesy." he continued as he laid the box back down on the table.
"Mind if I take this thing off?" He asked, pointing towards his weapons
belt. "Uh, yeah, sure." I responded as I sat down next to him. Looking at
me, he said, "I'll cut to the chase. We both know why I'm here and since
you were getting ready to watch some cop porn, why don't I just give you
the real thing." Standing he walked over so that his crotch was at face
level with me. "C'mon, get it out, suck it for me." He said, lust filling
his voice. I reached up and unfastened his uniform pants, unzipped his
trousers and proceeded to pull them down to his knees. His hard cock
pointed up in his white bikini briefs. "Not bad," I thought, "definitely
party size." I continued to think as I leaned forward and inhaled the
muskiness of his crotch, rubbing my face up and down the length of his hard
cock. "Eat it." Kyle ordered. I began to lick and chew on his cloth
covered cock, reaching up to the tip of his dick that was just poking out
of his waist band and then gnawing my way down to the base of his cock,
trying to suck his balls in my mouth through his underwear. Kyle removed
his uniorm shirt and pulled his T-shirt up and over his head. His nipples
were rock hard and he moaned Hussyfan Lolitas
as he toyed with them while I continued to
chew on his dick."Get it out, I wanna see your lips wrap around my cock." Kyle said. I
obliged, pulling his cock out of his underwear and shoving those down to
his knees as well. I licked the tip of his cock, tasting the saltiness of
the sweat and piss that had accumulated during the course of his shift.
"Yeah, feels good." Kyle sighed as he continued to play with his nipples.
"C'mon, suck it." He pleaded. Kyle hissed as he sucked in air into his
lungs, throwing his head back, sighing he said, "Oh yeah, fucking eat my
cop cock." I continued to bob my head up and down his hard and leaking
cock, letting my tongue slide along the underside of the tip of his cock,
flicking at the sensitive veign that bulged under the head of his dick. I
grabbed his balls and started tugging on them while I continued to suck my
new cop friend off. "Yeah, fuck yeah, that's it, suck my cock, pull on
those balls. Mmmmm, feels so fucking good." Kyle panted as he began to
thrust his hips, fucking my face with his hard tool. "Hang on a minute."
Kyle said as he pulled his dick out of my mouth, kicking his boots off and
removing both his pants and his underwear. "Lay back." Kyle urged as he
moved the coffee table to one side and squatted down between my legs. I
groaned as I felt his tongue dart out and start licking the underside of my
own cock. "Yeah Kyle, fucking feels good." I moaned as he worked his mouth
up and down the underside of my cock. Kyle then sucked my cock into the
base in one swallow and proceeded to give me an expert blow job. "Yeah
that's it Kyle, fucking suck that cock, suck me off officer." I groaned.
"Mmmmm...." Kyle responded. Kyle continued to work on my cock with his
mouth for what seemed like an hour, bringing me close to the brink then
taking me back down again. Kyle pulled off my cock and asked me if I had
any lube. I got up and retrieved the lube from the bedroom. "Sit down on
the couch again." Kyle said and I complied. Kyle came over, straddeled my
legs and proceeded to grease up my hard cock, wiping a generous amount on
his sweet pucker. Kyle placed the tip of my cock at the entrance Hussyfan Lolitas to his
ass and gently and slowly started lowering his ass down on my cock. "Oh
yeah, you're fucking tight officer." I groaned as I felt my cock slide in
to the base. "Oh fuck. I've been wanting a cock up my ass for a long time
now. Can't tell you how long it's been since I've gotten fucked." Kyle
moaned as Hussyfan Lolitas he began to bounce his ass up and down in my lap."Oh yeah Kyle, God your ass around my cock feels so good. Feels damn good,
yeah, keeping riding my hard cock Kyle." I panted as I reached up with my
good hand and started playing with Kyle's nipples. Kyles eyes were closed,
head tossed back and he was moaning while he bucked and ground his ass on
my cock. "Oh fuck yeah, Craig, I'm not gonna last long. Feels too good, I
can feel the cum starting to climb up in my cock and I'm not even touching
it." Kyle moaned as he increased his speed. "Yeah? You gonna cum? Oh
yeah, fucking shoot it copper, fucking choot that cop spunk all over me." I
shouted as I felt the first signs of my own climax building up in my balls.
"Craig? Oh fuck Craig! Oh fuck, I'm gonna shoot, I'm gonna cum!" Kyle
shouted as he slammed down on my cock and ground his hips on my rock hard
cock. Kyle's cock jerked and cum streamed out of the head of his dick,
running down his cock and onto my pubes. He didn't shoot, it just ran out,
like a river of cum, coating my pubes, some of it now running back and
underneath my balls. I started bucking my hips into Kyle, slamming him up
as I fucked him. "I'm gonna fucking cum up your ass bitch! Get ready!
Get ready, here, it, comes!" I shouted as I bucked up one last time,
throwing Kyle forward my cock coming out of his ass just as it started to
spray. His ass cheeks caught my cock just in time and held it there at the
entrance to his ass while I shot my load. My cum shot out, hit his hole
and then sprayed back down over the head of my dick. Kyle hopped off my
lap and shoved my cock into his mouth while I finished cumming. The last
few jets of cum he swallowed then proceeded to lick my crotch and cock
clean.The ending was very short and unceremonious. Once he had my cock cleaned
off, he thanked me, quickly dressed and left the house just as quickly as
he entered. "Huh?" I thought as I pondered over what had just happened.
My cock was still not satisfied, so I flipped on the movie, grabbed the
lube and proceeded to Hussyfan Lolitas jack myself off to another cum just as the cock on
the screen unloaded, covering the face of the cop he'd been fucking with
his load. I groaned as I shot another load, wiping my cum off of my
stomach and licking my hand and fingers clean.The phone rang, I answered it and it was Tim. "You OK?" Tim asked. "Yeah,
just finished eating my load off of my stomach." I teased. "Bitch!" Tim
said back. "Where are you?" I asked. "I'm still at the station, Cappy is
so fired up pissed off at you that he's got all of us working like dogs."
Tim said. "Awe Tim, I'm sorry." I replied back. "So besides jacking off,
what else did you do tonight?" Tim asked. "Fucked a cop up the ass." I
said matter of factly. "You're funny, seriously, what did you do?" Tim
asked again. "Seriously! I fucked a cop up the ass!" I responded back. I
filled Tim on what had happened and as I relived the moment, my cock
hardened so I start stroking it again. "Tim, you hard?" I asked. "Fuck
yeah! I'm in the john, jacking my cock off." he continued. "Yeah, me too.
Wanna cum together?" I asked. "Fuck buddy, you know I do!" Tim said back.
"Let me know when you're ready buddy, I'm almost...." I started to say then
was cut off my Tim's groan as he obviously started shooting his load. I
stroked my cock a few more times and I groaned in Tim's ear as my cum
flowed out, pooling in my pubic hairs. "Umm, that was fun." Tim said as he
was licking the cum off his hand. "Feel better?" I asked while I did the
same. "No, won't feel better until I got my cock planted in your ass
again." Tim responded. "Hey, gotta go, Matt just walked in." Tim said and
then hung up. I put the phone down and finished cleaning the cum off me
and then headed for bed. I dozed off, my thoughts turning to fantasy as I
imagined Cappy and I having make up sex.Stay tuned for more.......
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